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The Living Museum of Letterpress Printing is an organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and utilization of equipment and methods involved in the art and craft of letterpress printing. Through demonstration we are striving to educate the general public as to the role letterpress printing has played in the spread of knowledge throughout the literate world—and beyond.

It is our goal to continue the processes which gave birth to the dissemination of information on a much broader scale than was possible prior to movable type's invention in the middle 15th century. For more than 500 years letterpress printing has championed freedom of thought and provided a practical method by which ideas could be shared by the masses.

With the establishment of the museum, we seek to promote education and a better understanding of the viability of letterpress printing in these modern times. Though technology has changed, the fact remains that printing translated thought into tangible form—no matter the speed of production.

By supporting the Living Museum of Letterpress Printing, you are not only helping to preserve an extremely valuable period of history, but also doing your part in assuring that future generations will have the opportunity to better understand this concept we have come to call mass communication.


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established 1988, in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

An extensive and unique collection of antique materials, typefaces, vintage papers, inks, and classic presses.


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